Do you know a successful industry-changing woman that would be a great guest for the Women Who Went for It! podcast? If so, please read the criteria and fill out the form below, and we'll see if it's a good fit.


Women Who Went for It! is part personal storytelling, part practical, personal tips for making a career change. What sets us apart from other shows out there is that we don't interview very many subject matter experts. More often than not, we feature everyday, amazing women who share their own, often unsung, stories of successfully changing industries AND job titles in order to find more meaning and fulfillment in their lives.


All of our guests are women. Some are employees and have satisfying jobs, and others are entrepreneurs and started companies they love. Some have made a complete career transition, and others took on a significant "side hustle."


  1. Focuses most of the interview on her career transition period, itself, and how she navigated that, and less on the work she does now.

  2. Worked at least 7 years in one or more different industries before switching to the industry she's doing work in now (the bigger the difference, the better!).

  3. Reached a turning point and was personally compelled to pursue both 1) altogether different work and 2) in an altogether different industry. (In other words—as much of a 180 as possible! For instance, food and beverage marketer to corporate pilot is a fit for the show, but going from corporate marketing to freelance advertising & PR in a particular niche is not different enough for this particular podcast.)

  4. Went after her new work, rather than fell into it.

  5. Currently earns a comfortable living (multiple income streams OK).

  6. Feels more satisfied and fulfilled in her work than ever before, and connected with a deeper sense of purpose.

  7. Continues to grow and evolve her career path (i.e. she's still "going for it!").

  8. Is up for being real and forthcoming with the audience about her struggles, fears, uncertainties and self-doubts along the way (as the show is focused on overcoming inner demons, outer naysayers and adversities en route to success).

  9. IMPORTANT NOTE: Someone who started her own company after working for others or left corporate to work in nonprofit is a fit for this show only when and if she's now doing altogether different work in an altogether different industry from what she started out in. (Refer to e.g. in #3)


IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the number of submissions we've received, the guests we've already featured and to diversify the 14 guest interviews we feature per calendar year, we're not booking more life, leadership and business coaches and personal transformation experts at this time. Please check back again in the future.

Priority given to:

  • Women of color.

  • Women who work part- or full-time for a company or organization (vs. full-time for themselves). Could be employees or side hustlers.

  • Single ladies who successfully changed careers without having the financial support of a partner.

Currently looking for: a doctor, a professor, a corporate or nonprofit CEO, a musician, someone who was formerly incarcerated and is now doing meaningful work

Industries already highlighted: aviation, software, public relations, marketing, branding, social media, graphic design, interior design, nursing, marriage & family therapy, parenting and childbirth support, coaching, fitness, yoga, massage therapy, restaurant ownership, festival creation, farmer's market management, farming, dog sanctuary ownership, firefighting, environmental education, waste management, tiny houses, interfaith leadership, activism, Nonviolent Communication, skincare & makeup, scalp micropigmentation, personal styling, jewelry, monthly subscription box provider, fiction writing, visual arts, culinary arts, photography, travel, astrology, psychic mediumship, reiki and energy healing, essential oils, coworking space creation, personal concierge services, career mentorship, grocery store ownership

If so, please click the button below and nominate her.

Thank you for reading these guidelines and taking the time to nominate a guest (whether that's you, or someone else). We look forward to receiving your submission, and we'll be in touch if your nominee is a fit, and when the timing is right to record an episode featuring her.


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