As a Certified Professional Whole Person Coach™, I view my clients as whole, resourceful and having unlimited potential. I also address their lives holistically, taking into consideration the interconnectedness of all aspects of their outer lives and inner worlds to ensure sustainable, positive change, inside and out. 

This holistic method is based on the premise that, when you come to know, embrace and express all parts of your whole self, you are positioned to thrive in any aspect of life—professionally, and personally. You become rich in resources, grounded in your being and at peace within.

Dream big!


You may be familiar with career counselors, who sometimes suggest fields that may be a good fit for you, and advise you in job searches, resumé and cover letter writing, developing your LinkedIn profile and polishing your interview skills. That’s not me. I don't help you land a job; I help you figure out which new career path you want to pursue. However, once you've determined your new career path, I am happy to connect you with a career counselor who can help with job search and application processes.

You may also be familiar with mental health therapists, who can help you to change behaviors and habits, resolve feelings of pain and distress, improve relationships and more. Their treatment plans can include examining your past to understand your present, working through challenging situations and healing. I’m a huge proponent of therapy, and have excellent therapists to recommend, should you be best served by therapy at this time. But I’m not a therapist, myself.


I’m a transformational life coach who specializes in career change. I apply Whole Person Coaching, which sees you as the best expert of your own life, and use thoughtful questions and creative tools and exercises to help you step up your own growth, maximize your potential and discover your deeper life's work.

Instead of starting with the question: "Based on what I've done before, what will the world allow me to do?" we look at: "Who am I, what would genuinely bring me joy and how can I get into that?"


While I offer best practices when it comes to you uncovering your own calling, I don't tell you outright what you should go do for work. After all, if you're like many of my clients, you're in the position you're in now because you followed others' well-meaning wishes and advice for you, and it turns out what they suggested wasn't actually the best fit. So, I support you to tap deeply into your own inner wisdom, direction and advice.

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Coaching is different.


As your coach, you can think of me as a personal trainer for your career change-up. I’ll be your confidante and cheerleader, I’ll offer you insights and perspective, I’ll challenge you and I’ll help nudge you into action. Together, we’ll embark on the journey toward a career and life you absolutely love.


Since you won’t find professional satisfaction unless you’re doing work that’s personally satisfying, we’ll kick things off with tools and exercises that focus on you, as the unique individual that you are—your personality, your strengths, your most deeply-held values and causes you’re passionate about. We’ll figure out what makes you tick. Gives you energy. Feeds your soul.


We’ll also take stock of all major “sectors” of your life as they are right now—from finances to relationships to health. This process will help reveal how solid your foundation is to support taking on a significant career change. And, it’ll help us brainstorm simple steps you can take to give other areas of your life a little boost and shore things up, if needed.


Once we’ve examined you and your current life, then we’ll move into visualizing all aspects of your ideal career—projects and tasks, colleagues, clothing, physical environment, income, benefits, vacation time—you name it!


From there, we’ll take what we’ve learned to create mini, customized, “industry experiments,” where you’ll narrow down your options to 2-3 potential fields that seem like they could be a fit. You’ll give each of them a firsthand “test drive” through taking classes, conducting informational interviews, volunteering, attending events and even creating mini projects for yourself (which can all be done remotely, when necessary). Through these industry experiments, you’ll figure out, one tiny step at a time, which industries feel increasingly more promising once you get a feel for them, and which ones you realize really wouldn’t work, after all.


Along the way, I’ll help steer the ship and keep you focused, but I’ll have no specific agenda for you; you'll determine where we go. I’ll provide tools, give you leads on resources and get you thinking in expansive new ways, but I won’t give you the answers—your answers are within you, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. I’ll also hold you accountable and persuade you not to give in to fear and second thoughts, but it’ll be up to you to set goals and take action. We’ll only go as far and as fast as you take us.


Ultimately, you will experiment enough (and learned to trust your gut enough!) to eliminate less promising options and know, with your mind and your intuition and even feel in your body when you’ve found “the one”—the right career path or business venture that translates your experience, skills, values, passions, purpose and potential into meaningful and rewarding work.

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Well, does it seem like parts of my website are speaking directly to you? Does what you see here feel refreshing compared to some other career change sites you may have visited (maybe less stuffy or "corporate")? Is your intuition whispering—pssst, this one's different? If so, that's telling!

But beyond what's mentioned elsewhere, I have a special affinity for working with women who fit into the following groups:

  • "Spiritual" (but not necessarily religious)

  • Intuitives

  • Highly Sensitive People and empaths

  • Artists, makers, and creatives

  • Nature lovers

  • Interested in leaving corporate careers

  • Multi-passionate, and may never have just one income stream

  • "Unconventional," or just don't quite "fit the mold" in some way

Because—me too!

And lastly, here's a handy reference chart to ensure you and your situation are a fit for the kind of coaching I do (view on a large screen or zoom in). Because everything listed in "Outside the Scope of My Work" truly is, and it wouldn't work for us to work together.