As a Certified Professional Whole Person Coach®, you can think of me as a personal trainer for your career change-up. I’ll be your confidante and cheerleader, I’ll offer you insights and perspective, I’ll challenge you and I’ll help nudge you into action.

Together, we’ll work toward a career and life you absolutely love using enlightening exercises and deep dive inquiry, tailored for your personal learning styles and preferences.

Along the way, I’ll help steer the ship and keep you focused, but I’ll have no specific agenda for you; you'll determine where we go. I’ll provide tools and get you thinking in expansive new ways, but I won’t give you the answers—there is no one-size-fits all approach, and your answers within you. I’ll also hold you accountable, but it’ll be up to you to set goals and take action. We’ll only go as far and as fast as you take us.



  • Honing in on what you’re truly passionate about.

  • Connecting with a deep sense of purpose.

  • Identifying your core values so your new work is aligned with them.

  • Following your intuition and your own, inner wisdom.

  • Recognizing when you're doing what you think you should do vs. when you're doing what you want to do.

Clarity on Your New Career Path

  • Creating a bigger vision for your life than you've ever permitted yourself to dream of on your own.

  • Redefining what "success" looks like to you.

  • Visualizing all aspects of your ideal career—colleagues, clothing, physical environment, income, benefits, vacation time—you name it!

  • Translating your experience, skills, values, passions, purpose and potential into meaningful and rewarding work.

  • Getting clear on next steps.


  • Pushing beyond worst-case-scenario thinking or rationalizing why you shouldn't make a change (e.g. doing what I love instead of what's practical would be self-indulgent, it's going to take too long, it's too late in my life, I can't afford it, people will judge me, I can't make any money doing what I love, etc.).

  • Building trust in yourself that you're capable and you have what it takes to succeed in a new field.

  • Gaining confidence talking about the changes you’re making.

  • Getting more comfortable with uncertainty.

  • Deepening your faith that it’s all going to work out.


  • Setting effective goals.

  • Carving out time in your schedule to make steady progress.

  • Trying new things, taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone.

  • Surrounding yourself with the right people and resources to teach you, support you and inspire you.



You may be familiar with career counselors, who often use techniques like administering assessments, suggesting fields that may be a good fit for you, and advising you in job searches, resumé and cover letter writing, developing your LinkedIn profile and polishing your interview skills. That’s not me. I don't help you land a job; I help you discover which new path you want to pursue. However, once you've determined your new career path, I am happy to connect you with a career counselor who can help with job search and application processes.

You may also be familiar with mental health therapists, who can help you to change self-defeating behaviors and habits, resolve feelings of pain and distress, improve relationships and more. Their treatment plans can include examining your past to understand your present, working through challenging situations and healing. I’m a huge proponent of therapy, and have excellent therapists to recommend, should you be best served by therapy at this time. But I’m not a therapist, myself.


I’m a transformational life coach who specializes in career change. I apply Whole Person Coaching, which sees you as whole, capable and resourceful—the best expert of your own life—and use thoughtful questions and creative tools and exercises to help you step up your own growth, maximize your potential and take your life to the next level.

Instead of starting with the question: "Given what I've done before, what will the world allow me to do?" we look at: "What would I LOVE to do, and how do I make that happen?"


While I offer some best practices when it comes to uncovering your calling, I don't tell you outright what you should go do for work. After all, if you're like many of my clients, you're in the position you're in now because you followed others' well-meaning wishes and advice for you, and it turns out what they suggested wasn't actually the best fit. So, I support you to tap deeply into your own inner wisdom, direction and advice.


Whole Person Coaching is future-focused. We start with—who are you, at your core? Where are you right now? And what would your ideal life look like? Now, what kind of career would leverage everything you've got into meaningful work and support you to live that amazing life?

Next, we work together to get radically clear on your next steps. At that point, you've got the self-awareness, clarity, confidence and momentum you need to move forward in a different direction!

So, are you ready to book your FREE, 30-minute strategy session?


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